We sell only ONLINE. We don't solicit want lists. We don't sell on approval. We don't have a shop. We don't sell at shows. We don't buy on approvals so do not send cards-- inquire first. Sorry-- we cannot break up lots or accept offers to sell items "OFFLINE."

We are proud to be a GOLD DEALER on PLAYLE.COM

ATTIC HERITAGE AUCTIONS  is an on-line store dealing in vintage postcards, photographs and ephemera. We regularly buy and sell and will consider all opportunities to acquire collections.  We were inspired to start our store when clearing our attic several years ago. We had so much yet could not justify keeping it boxed for more decades. We've collected postcards for over 58 years so we have tens of thousands to sell.

We Buy

  • Real Photo Postcards
  • Antique Artist-Signed
  • Linens
  • Folders
  • Photographs
  • Advertising
  • and just about everything else!

We Sell

  • All of the above

What We Buy and Sell

About Attic Heritage Auctions

Proud member of

          Central Massachusetts Postcard Club (Massachusetts)

          Dallas Metroplex Postcard Club (Texas)

          Denver Postcard Club (Colorado)

          Heart of Ohio Postcard Club (Ohio)

          Metropolitan Postcard Club (New York)

          San Francisco Bay Area Postcard Club (California)

          South Jersey Postcard Club (New Jersey)

          Sunshine Postcard Club (Florida)

          Toronto Postcard Club (Ontario, Canada)

          Vancouver Postcard Club (British Columbia, Canada)

          Washington Crossing Card Collectors Club (Pennsylvania)

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